Founded in 1983, the Water Street Gallery brings together the work of more than forty incredibly talented artists from across the globe.



...nurture emerging talents while honoring established artists, and create a welcoming space that invites everyone to explore, appreciate, and embrace the transformative power of art. With a commitment to integrity, excellence, and the enrichment of cultural experiences, we strive to ignite passion, elevate perspectives, and illuminate the world through the beauty and diversity of artistic expression.



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Anna Matzke

Gallery Director


Anna is the face of Water Street Gallery and she makes sure all visitors are welcomed with style and enthusiasm. Her creativity, professionalism, and knack for connecting people with artwork they love make Water Street Gallery a truly special place. Her dedication to creating a fun, vibrant, welcoming space has been instrumental in positioning the gallery as a premier destination for contemporary fine art.


Anna’s role as the driving force behind the gallery's day-to-day operations ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for visitors and artists alike. With a keen eye for curation and a commitment to supporting emerging talents, Anna orchestrates engaging exhibitions and marketing strategies. Her expertise serves the gallery’s diverse clientele, ranging from budding art enthusiasts to professional interior designers. She is a true delight to work with!

Nick Lewis

Gallery Owner


Meet Nick, the Co-Owner and driving force behind Water Street Gallery. Originating from Alaska, Nick's adventurous spirit was forged amidst mountains and the Arctic's icy expanse. Formerly a litigator, Nick's passion for art began with his desire to combat the darker aspects of human nature with beauty, inspired by Dostoevsky's profound belief that "beauty will save the world."


Guided by classics and Dostoevsky's wisdom, Nick's journey into the art realm was transformative. With a sharp legal mind and an artist's heart, Nick enjoys growing and sharing Water Street Gallery's diverse collection. He has a gift for building relationships which he uses to connect our artists with collectors near and far. Beyond his legal profession and gallery duties, he relishes SCCA racing events and embraces the thrill of mountaineering.

Joanna Lewis

Gallery Owner


Joanna, the better half of Water Street Gallery’s ownership, is a communications professional in the nonprofit world with a deep appreciation for the arts. She once thought she would grow up to be a painter, but instead found her way into graphic design and now gallery management. Joanna believes in the power of our environments to influence our lives and sees art as a wonderful way to “spark joy” in our everyday experiences. 


Her dedication to showcasing the work of our artists and encouraging new art enthusiasts in a welcoming and enriching environment is an instrumental part of the gallery's success. Joanna knows the art we choose to live with is a reflection of our personalities, and she loves to see new collectors find a special piece that resonates with them. She struggles constantly with the urge to take our entire inventory home with her.



Get a weekly dose of inspiration in your inbox!

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