Stephen Hansen

Stephen Hansen
ARTIST STATEMENT As an artist I am not an explorer of the human condition, so much as a hapless tourist, making snapshots of whatever strikes my fancy. I work primarily in paper-mache, the appeal of which is twofold. First, it is fast enough that I can try out ideas without any sense of commitment. Secondly, it is a material so inherently humble that I can claim to make "cultural icons" or distilled social observations" with out feeling too pretentious. Stylistically, I think of my work as lifelike rather then realistic, a choice made out of a desire to represent ideas rather then individuals. I make sculptures with the idea that it should both attract and communicate. Towards that end, I try to create art that is intellectually accessible and aesthetically seductive. I approach my workday as though I were directory of a small reparatory company, with a group of actors that I costume and coerce into the character in the story I want to tell. They tend toward overacting. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS & PUBLIC COLLECTIONS U.S. Department of State, "Art in Embassies Program", Havana, Cuba 2012 Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, New Mexico, 2009 Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC: 2001, 2003, 2007– 2009 Museum of New Mexico, Sante Fe, NM, 2002, 2009 Las Cruces Museum of Art, Las Cruces, NM, 2009 Las Cruces Museum Of Art, Las Cruces, NM: Retrospective 2009 Museum of New Mexico, Governor's Gallery, Santa Fe, NM: 2002, 09 William and Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe,NM: 2013 Zenith Gallery, Wash. DC: 1979, 81,87, 88, 90, 94, 97,99, 00, 03, 05, 08, 12 Water Street Gallery, Saugatuck, MI:1992, 99, 02, 04, 06, 07, 09, 2011-15 Glenn Cutter Galleries, Las Cruces, NM: 1995, 97, 98, 00, 01, 04, 06, 09, 11,13,15 Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI Musee de Civilisation, Quebec National Building Museum, Washington, DC Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History United States Information Agency, Washington, DC, Colombo, Sri Lanka United States Consular Collection, BiNational Gallery, Naples, Italy United States Embassy, Rome, Italy EDUCATION Self-Taught