Karin Kirulis

Karin Kirulis
ARTIST STATEMENT I use a direct wax casting method, which makes each piece unique, as I feel it gives a more immediate expression. I am fascinated with the paradox of bronze as a traditionally hard static material, but which has the ability to sway in the wind. It lets me play with concepts such as strength versus fragility, interior versus exterior, negative versus positive space. This is most apparent in the more abstract “Form and Mass” sculptures, where the subject matter is taken directly from nature. I strive for the tipping point where the sculptures are just about to fall over, and where they appear to have a surprise shape shift when seen at different angles (usually more apparent in the “Animal Forms”). Ultimately all my works are metaphors on life's broader condition. The animal forms, though they resemble deer, horses, and others, are a jumping off point, and not intended to be specifically representational. SELECTED COLLECTIONS United Airlines McDonald's Corporation Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Kalamazoo Nature Center Winston and Strawn EDUCATION 1987 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL 1975 Ohio University, Athens, OH