• 43
    From Here to There 43 by Craig Anderson
  • History Lesson – 1st Stone 7x10x10 $1500
    History Lesson by Mark Beltchenko
  • Ed Rebek_Concerto in Green
    Concerto in Green by Ed Rebek
  • unnamed
    Red Cedar Bowtie Walker 1 by Sam Soet
  • Jordan Scott_Vortex 1
    Vortex 1 by Jordan Scott
  • Mike Elsass_small tile 3
    Small Metal Tile #3 by Mike Elsass
  • Mediateweb2
    Mediate by Matt Plescher
  • hqcnifsydgndgcgueto9
    Alkimia 2 by Eve Ozer
  • wjjcvfmucguync87abov
    Untitled I by Chris Turner




CONTINUITY | New Artists + New Works
May 6 – June 7
30th Anniversary pARTy | Saturday, May 6

Water Street Gallery kicks off the summer season with a celebration of its 30th Anniversary!  This special event will feature an exhibition showcasing a few new artists to the gallery, while celebrating our longtime artists.  The title for the exhibition is CONTINUITY: the consistency of something over a period of time.  A fitting theme for a long standing institution.

New artists include:  Craig Anderson | Mark Beltchenko | Mike Ellsas | Eve Ozer | Matt Plescher | Edward Rebek | Jordan Scott | Sam Soet | Chris Turner

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