Designer Speak
Sunday, April 9th
1:00pm reception
2:00pm conversation

Should art match your couch?
What are the ‘tricks’ designers use to create such amazing spaces?

Join interior/corporate designers Jodi Berault, Kathleen Bernhardt, John Diekmann, and Steve Teich – as they offer their expertise in answering these questions (and more) as part of a casual conversation about integrating ART into your home.

These 4 designers participated in the curation of our current exhibition SELECTIVITY: designers select and they are offering you a chance to ask them questions about art & design.

The event highlights these ambassadors who are a valuable resource; they seek and select innovative and provocative pieces that enhance the environments they design.  The gallery is fortunate to have this group of dedicated, educated and sophisticated people; with a passion for fine design and fine art, whom encourage the art experience for all.

This is a rare opportunity to understand the minds of the people who enhance the spaces in which we live.