I am continually interested in painting the rhythm of the rural landscape. Humans impose a grid on the natural world. Whether it's by constructing buildings, planting gardens or framing the land, we impose a pattern on our world. It is this patchwork of horizontal and verticals that initially intrigues me. At some point, however, in the creative process, the texture, color and form of the paint itself takes on a beauty of it's own. The painting is no longer a representation of a scene: rather, it becomes an abstraction, my  emotional and unique response to the landscape. I have long admired folk art and primitive or naive paintings. There is a freshness and vitality in these imperfect renderings. I hope to capture this same essence in my work.    


2015  Sticks and Stones, A-Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
2015  Acoustic Abstractions, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
2015  View Points, Mishin Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
2015  Variations in Landscape, Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH
2014  October Show, Paul Scott Gallery, Bend, OR
2014  Interpreting Forms, Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2014  The Green Show, A-Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
2013  Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI  
2011-2012  Mishin Fine Art, San Francisco,
2010-2012  Calistoga Mustard Festival, Best in Show,
2010  Napa Valley Mustard Festival, St. Supery,
2010  American Art Collector, 2009  Solo Exhibition, A Gallery, Salt Lake City Utah,
2009  Continued representation in Utah
2009-2010  American Women Artists Show Award of Merit, 2009


BA/ Art History/ Anthropology, Northwestern University, Evanston IL
Graduate Fellow/Anthropology/ Primitive Art, American University, Washington D.C.
Graduate work/ Architectural Design/ University of Utah