I am a ceramic artist living on 20 wooded acres near Bloomington, Indiana. I do both functional and non-functional work. I use the wheel, handbuilding and slip casting in the creation of my work.

I look for the unique in utilitarian forms, often mis-shaping the form after having thrown it. Each form is decorated with a particular type of surface treatment, frequently zoomorphic in nature. Much of the surface decoration is done using masking; (covering areas with images or patterns cut out of adhesive vinyl), and often double-masking (covering areas with a mask, then over-painting with a liquid mask such as wax resist and removing the initial mask). This allows for more complex, intricate designs as well layering. After lengthy trial and error, I moved from doing the masks by hand to using a computer, creating and manipulating designs in Photoshop. These designs are made into a mask using a cutting plotter (imagine a printer that cuts instead of prints designs), which is then adhered to the ceramic vessel.

I also employ hydro-abrasion, a process of wiping away clay with a wet sponge to embed a design into the unfired clay. The relief created by hydro-abrasion is often highlighted with underglazing. I make extensive use of slips, underglazes and cone-6 glazes to finish my work, mainly spraying them on the surface. Some pieces are fired multiple times to achieve the desired effect. I currently like to employ a color palate that combines organic ash-based glazes on the exterior with brightly colored translucent glazes to cover the decorations. 

My handbuilt sculptures are zoomorphic in nature, often anthropomorphic, with human characteristics given to animal or hybrid-animal forms. I like to play with concepts of mutation,genetic modification and errors in evolution as themes.



BFA in Ceramics from Northern Arizona University
Masters from the University of Arizona