Michelle Zorich and Katherine Martin are women of steel. They achieve contemporary flair in their work giving their steel designs sensual curves and sleek lines. Together they comprise Things of Steel. Michelle creates improvisationally often motivated by found objects. Materials inspire the forms of her pieces. Katherine plans sculptural work by drawing concepts first then springboards the ideas to build her forms. Although their approaches to creativity differ, their differences have complimented one another throughout their collaboration during the past 18 years. Using a grinder, sander, plasma cutter, chop saw, mig welder, and various benders each creation of mild steel is cleaned, sanded, cut, bent, welded, sanded, cleaned again and finished in paint, powder coat, lacquer, or patina and wax.


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Lake Magazine
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Oakland Centre
Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan
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Dow Corning, Bravo Kalamazoo Nature Centre
Vallor Salon Arcadia Commons
Park Trades Cente
 Kalamazoo College
Deacon’s Conference Art in the Park
Phillip R. Davis and AssociateS
Portage District Library.