Within my art, I find a lot of pleasure in trying to capture the urban surroundings. Whether it's a busy street corner, the side of a building, or traffic passing by, these setting present themselves in so many different ways. Day or night, the everyday environment offers so  much opportunity in the areas of color, light and design. What is most meaningful to me is how the combination and manipulation of these elements can so easily change and influence our moods and perceptions of something so ordinary.   I think one of the most difficult things I find as a painter is to set limitations of subject matter, style or forms of expression. Whether I am working on a cityscape, a figurative painting or a nature study, breaking limitations and becoming more expressive is something I constantly work towards. Learning and practicing new ways of expression is the challenge that keeps me passionate about art.  


2012 Quidley & Company Fine Art, Boston, MA  
2012 New Works Exhibit, Cole Gallery, Edmonds, WA  
2012 Oh the Places I Will Go, dk Gallery, Marietta, GA  
2012 Figures of the Imagination, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI  
2012 - 2007 Lawrence Gallery, Portland, OR  2007  Cole Gallery, Seattle, Washington  
2007  Oasis Gallery, Seattle Washington  2004  Atocha Gallery, Portland, OR  2003  Cornerstone Gallery, Portland, OR 2003  The Fresh Pot Gallery, Portland, OR  
2002  Mandala Arts Gallery, Portland, OR  
2001  Columbia Art Gallery, Hood, Washington


Academy of Art College, San Francisco CA    
Oregon State University