I find myself drawn to desolate landscapes. While walking in a clear-cut area or parking lot at dusk, a kind of peace intertwined with melancholy exists. Simultaneous feeling of damage and anxiety are accompanied by a beautiful melody. The melody prevails but not without the price of the Garden lost The landscape left behinds holds symbols of the experience. I recognize these symbols intuitively-the process that alters this outer landscape also changes the inner one. The surrounding desolation becomes alive with new growth from nature and human condition. Destruction cannot escape creation. The delicate properties of watercolor, gouache/ paper compliment my feelings of wistfulness about nature. While the media/ patterns make up the skin of my construction, the shapes generate specific meaning and provide a formal platform giving the images/ symbols clarity, dimension and solidity. By making paintings constructions, I take part in the restoration process in a physical and spiritual sense.


2018  George Billis NYC, Summer Group Show, NYC.
2018  Out On A Limb, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2018  Birds Of A Feather, Douglas, MI.
2017  George Billis Gallery NYC Cityscape Show, NYC.
2017  George Billis Gallery L.A. Cityscape Show VII, L.A.
2017  Continuity, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2016  Small Works, Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA.
2016  Scrabble: A Play On Words, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2015  Works on Paper, Turman Larison Gallery, Helena, MT.
2015  Symphonic,Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2014  Between the Boroughs, George Billis Gallery, NYC Industrial Beauty, George Billis Gallery, NYC
2013  Unpremeditated Natures: Russ Havard and David McLain. Gallery 1724 Houston, TX. 
2013  Susan Jane Belton, Russ Havard and David Leonard, ArtEssex Gallery, Essex, CT.
2013  Cityscape Show III, George Billis Gallery L.A., Los Angeles
2013  Are We There Yet?,  Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2012  Unseen: Glave Kocen Gallery. Richmond, VA.
2012  Still Life: The Painted Image, Washington County Museum, Hagerstown, MD.
2012  City Streets 2, George Billis Gallery, NYC.
2012  Conversations In Color,Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI. 
2011  RESONANCE, Meditation Drawings, Olin Gallery, Salem VA 
2010  Something to Put Something On, Box 13, Artspace, Houston TX 
2010  NEW YORK MOMENTS George Billis Gallery NYC 
2010  Gallery Artist: Selected Works:George Billis Gallery LA. 
2010  Installation: Red Dot Art Fair, George Bills Gallery LA Miami FL.
2010  Installation, ARTChicago. George Bills Gallery NYC/Chicago IL.


MA Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches Texas 1997
BFA, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas1993