My art practice is inextricably tied to my personal experience. Stores of family, relationships, and self-awareness generate forces of emotion - fear, hope, loss, pain, and love - that drive me through the creation process.

The complexity of formal elements and process is present throughout my work. My aim is not only to mirror the intricacies of my personal story, but also to connect with the viewer, to echo the personal, emotional struggles that resonate with each of us, and that are present in the collective human mind and heart.


2016  Inception, JGo Gallery, Park City, UT
2016  What Goes Around, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2016  PUZZLE: Putting the Pieces Together, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI 
2014   Solo Exhibition, Carver Hill Gallery, Rockland ME
2014  Made in Paint, Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Gallery, New Berlin, NY
2013  ‘Force' Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2013  ‘December Salon', Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2012  Displacement of Form, Alpers Fine Art, Andover MA
2012  Ar t Salon, Hallway Gallery, Boston MA
2012  Momentum X, George Marshall Gallery, York, ME
2011  Histories, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth NH


2008 Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts