My work allows the cadences, rhythms and syncopations of music and poetry to find themselves in visual expressions in paint, metal and space. I distill my emotional history with my daily perceptions to create two- and three-dimensional statements which speak of my walk through life.

My painted steel wall-sculptures are inner-looking meditations on places I have traveled to or in which I have lived. They are somewhere between painting and sculpture. Time plays an essential part in these works, as they are not so much about the details of the past, as they are about the essence of the more broadly defined persisting memories. Their relatively small sizes reflect a less public, more intimate notion of communication than my larger pieces of sculpture.

The three wall sculptures are from a series of meditations on street intersections. Each one tells a story from my life and the memories associated with these specific locations. Each one is an intersection of time, souvenirs of life, emotions and place.

In my series of paintings on metal I address the questions and observations of the traveler. I use a language of found objects as milestones in my travels both near and far. These found objects also serve as metaphors for the travel of the collective spirit.


1991 •MFA, Painting and Drawing, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM)
1986-88 •Part-time studies, fine arts, UWM
1981-84 •Part-time studies, fine arts, San Diego Mesa College; San Diego City College; University of California at San Diego
1979-81 •Part-time studies, fine arts, Milwaukee School of Art and Design
1977 •BA, Art History, UWM