Artist Statement


‘ what lies in our soul, our heART mirrors the Whole within all beings - the ‘univocity’ of nature & all of the cosmos within the Great Spirit - a conscious awareness of our place in the universe in the divine reality - the source of strength within - ‘Oneing’



ralph ‘nunzi’ annunziata, bfa fine art, painter, photographer & adjunct whose work reflects his transformative spirit and unique ability to capture light, shadows & contrasts in colorful nuances -

. . . an artist with a passion in art-making for large multi-media canvases - the art is multi-faceted & engaging - large multi-medium acrylic canvases depicting abstracted expressionistic techniques - color & shape evolving from within - all part of the Whole - & some I refer to as ‘wetSketches’ - join in my journey of transformation with nature, figurative & landscape motifs worked into sketches of ebony pencil, gesso & color layers - some re-structured & re-stretched - regrouped & ‘transformed’

- always in transition --

‘nunzi’ graduated with honors from tech memorial h.s. in erie pa where he studied art each day with joseph michael plavcan well known fine art colorist -- nunzi continued his artistic journey on scholarship to ccad/columbus college of art & design [franklin university] in columbus ohio to study with plavcan’s colleague & protege, dean joseph v canzani -- after traveling the world over and working with some very notable clients as in portland orgeon and amsterdam, holland nunzi decided to settle down in 2012 & call west Michigan home -

‘my art-making is meant to capture & transform life’s journey’ - searching for meaning & beauty in life, asking the question: ‘what is my purpose?’


Selected Exhibitions

palatte coffee & art / grandRapids

one trick pony / grandRapids

dominican center art gallery / grandRapids

brewery vivant / grandRapids

artPrize2014 / oldWorldOliveCo /grandRapids

rowster newAmerican coffee / grandRapids

kendall faculty exhibit @ devosPlace / grandRapids

ABVI [assoc for the blind & visually impaired] grandRapids MAI [manistee Institute of art] / manisteeMi

artPrize7 [2015] @ deVosPlace / grandRapids

neighbor/craftHouseGallery, 42s

Division\grandRapids - ‘avenue of the arts nov6 2015 first friday’



BFA Fine Art - Columbus College of Art and Design, Franklin University, Columbus, OH