The sculpture I create examines infinitely smaller realities within a larger context, and the relationship between the two. I like to see what is happening inside of a sculpture. This curiosity mirrors my interests in life. I am intrigued by what is happening inside a person, a family, an institution, or a system. The insides of my pieces are often manipulated to create deep impressions or subtle contrasts. My intention is to depict a voyeuristic window into an inner world of frozen reality. From this microscopic internal view, I then zoom out to place the work in the context of relationships. How do the pieces relate to and interact with each other and to their environment? In what ways do they bend toward and move away from each other? Together, they form a vibrant community that is energized by those relationships. For me, glass is an incredibly seductive and versatile medium to express ideas with. I am particularly drawn toward pushing the structural boundaries of glass -- stretching it almost to the point of cracking it, squashing it until it almost collapses. I feel these structural tensions add a subtle precariousness within each piece. And when in community with each other, these pieces speak to the power in numbers and the fragility of relationships.


2016  Too Hot!, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
2014  APAture 2014, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2013  Wisdom 2.0., San Francisco, CA
2010  Pittsburg Tribune REVIEW January 24, "Morgan Gallery's ‘Volition' Celebrates Artists' Choices," by Kurt Shaw, Pittsburgh, PA
2009  California Home and Design Magazine, September 8, "ArtHaus Presents ‘Think Before You Pink,'" by Erin Feher, San Francisco


2008 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deere Isle, ME
2005 The Studio at Corning, Corning, NY
2004 Pilchuck, Stanwood, WA
2003 The Studio at Corning, Corning, NY