"I am process oriented & paint,  brush before the brain. Paint first think later is my mantra." I use about 50 textures some of which are silicate sand, tar, pumice, faux materials, sand paper grit from Germany, oil and water mixture, interference powders, acrylic paints, marble dust, and on and on. Rust patterns are a part of most pieces.  Some have 40 plus layers.
My pieces are finished off with an oil-type polyurethane, which secures & brings out the color.

I paint contemporary abstract on rusted sheets of steel, and my art is spiritual and meditative. By painting, sponging and sanding, the steel evolves until the final coating. Many pieces have over 40 coats of paint and glazing. The steel represents strength, life’s elements, aging, imperfection and beauty.

My spirit lies on the road. From my first series in Quebec, Canada to the Gulf Coast winter and the Louisiana swamps, I draw my energy from nature and life. The Arizona desert and the Kentucky countryside blend my art. My beautiful Ohio country barn loft and studios on Easy Avenue and my new Front Street location in Dayton give me time to reflect and paint in solitude. I hope to find my Rothko-inspired pieces gracing walls and mantles in your home, because for me, the greatest achievement is knowing that my creative labor has connected with someone in a very personal way.

Welcome to my world…