Artist Statement:

Each of my paintings is hand-crafted. The process I use is intentionally slow, thoughtful, and methodical—much like a meditation while painting. The result is artwork that is most often described as serene and calming. 

The invented landscapes of my paintings and monoprints are reflections of my experiences and memories of the open spaces and prairie settings of my Midwestern roots. 

With oil paint and various mediums I apply many thin layers, to achieve unique surfaces and atmospheric effects that capture nature’s ever-changing light, color and weather.


Selected Exhibitions:
2018  Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
2018  Dempsey Gallery, Batavia, IL
2017  OA Gallery, Kirkwood, MO - Miniature Show - Honorable Mention
2017   Kane County Chronicle Gallery, Batavia, IL
2017  Dempsey Gallery, Batavia, IL
2017  Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee
2016  Elevate Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
2016  Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee
2015  Elevate Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
2015  Elaine Erickson Gallery, Milwaukee
2015  Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee
2015  Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT
2014  Elevate Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
2014  Elaine Erickson Gallery, Milwaukee
2014  Mullaly’s Gallery, Elk Rapids, MI
2013  Elaine Erickson Gallery, Milwaukee
2013  Mullaly’s Gallery, Elk Rapids, MI

BA, DePaul University, Chicago
AA, American Academy of Art, Chicago
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Illinois Arts Council Grant - 2014

The Fields Project, Oregon IL - 2007