I have been drawing and painting my whole life.  I started painting with watercolor at the age of 10 and never stopped.  My parents and my early teachers encouraged me to paint, I suspect to keep me out of trouble.  It worked ... more or less.

Some of my earliest memories include trying to match colors I saw using a child's set of watercolors.  Hours were spent in this endeavor.  After 55 years of painting I'm now more inclined to paint the colors I feel rather than the colors I see.  Paintings always take on a life of their own.  Sometimes a work requires a studied design approach, making a plan and following that plan, at other times a more intuitive, visceral approach is called for.  I let the idea and content of my work dictate the materials and techniques used ... not the other way around.  Other ideas dictate an exploration of surface and textures, relying on the initial concept and intuition to bring the work to a conclusion.  Above all I value creativity and honesty.  And although I follow many paths and speak with more than one voice, I am on my own journey.

I have two wishes ... one is to live a few more hundred years, for I shall never have enough time to paint all the ideas in my head.  Probably won't see that wish granted.  That second wish?  That somewhere along my journey I will communicate with fellow travelers who will see something of what I see, and feel something of what I feel ...