Artist Statement:

Before I start any painting I select my pallet, based on the series I am currently working on, or the subject matter. I have a vague idea of what I hope to achieve but the piece takes shape quickly, and leads the way. I start with a base coat of patterns and shapes creating what I consider the most important step. It is in this stage that the city or the building, or the memories start coming to life. I have to constantly remind myself to not “fall in love” with anything quite yet it is only paint! I start laying in the larger shapes which define the composition and set the movement of the piece. I further enhance the design to create a strong composition, with added visual texture, and bold use of color to create tension within the elements, trusting my intuition to advance into the finished piece. I often spend a great deal of time cleaning up brush or knife strokes, and applying countless layers of glazes for depth, and to enhance the colors dominate in the piece. So often people ask me how do I know when a piece is complete. Well, it happens when I can walk away with no regrets and sometimes not remember making it or as they say, “Keeping your head out of the game!” The true success of my painting happens when the experience and emotion I am conveying is seen and felt by others.

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 Hudson Gallery Sylvania Ohio Art-able-ness
2017 Greenwich House Gallery Cincinnati Ohio, Cocktails+Contemporaries
2017 Art Access Gallery Bexley Ohio, It’s All Abstract
2017 Springfield Museum of Art Annual juried exhibit, Springfield Ohio

2016 Embedded Light: Encaustics Harris Stanton Gallery, Akron Ohio (two person show)
2016 Art Access Gallery Bexley Ohio, New Work
2016 Ann Tower Gallery Lexington Ky.
2016 Art Comes Alive ACD Gallery Cincinnati
2016 DAAP Made 2016 Malton Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio
2015 Woman’s Art Club 2015 All Members Show

2015 Art Comes Alive 2015 sponsored by Art Design Consultants, National Show
2015 Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati, Nova Davis Award
2014 OOVAR 9th annual Exhibition Columbus Metropolitan Library
2014 UC Woman's Health Center
2014 Square Foot National Exhibition, The Fine Art Center Kettering Ohio (First Place Award)
2014 Bethesda Hospital Purchase Award, Bethesda Hospital North Cincinnati Ohio
2013 Annual Loveland Art Council Exhibit Loveland Ohio
2013 Art To Wear Loveland Art Council Exhibit Loveland Ohio
2012 Annual Loveland Arts Council Exhibit Loveland Ohio



University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning
BS in major in Design minor in Fine Art
2002 Santa Fe New Mexico research
2007 Tuscany Italy research