Paper is wonderful in its simplicity. It is playful, delicate, colorless and colorful. It reflects light and creates depth; and accepts embellishment beautifully. These possibilities initiate my process for design which embodies drawing, sculpture and installation.

My practice is an intuitive expression of subtlety.  Patterned and ephemeral, my work begins with a reductive approach to drawing.  Either torn or hand cut, the layered sheets allow shadows to form from the edges casting delicate lines onto the next.  The use of color is added in various ways.  I embroider the paper with thread, embellish it with handmade paper, rub the surface with graphite, punch holes into the paper or enhance the piece with reflected color.  The effect is subtle yet intriguing; arousing curiosity in the viewer and encouraging a closer look.

My intention for the work is to appear minimal yet monumental and at the same time celebrate the handmade.  I strive to reach a simple, honest statement and to have the confidence to say more with less.  The result is that the art creates a poetic spatial experience comprising both delicacy and strong definition.


2018  Birds of a Feather | Water Street Gallery | Douglas, Michigan
2018  Artlink Regional Exhibition | Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery | Fort Wayne, Indiana
2017  Sensuality | Water Street Gallery | Douglas, Michigan
2016 Muskegon Museum of Art Regional Exhibition | Muskegon Museum of Art | Muskegon, Michigan

2016 Pulp & Possibilities Group Exhibition | Peninsula School of Art | Fish Creek, Wisconsin
2015 93rd Annual All Media Exhibition | Ann Arbor Art Center | Ann Arbor, Michigan
2015 Michigan Arts All Media Exhibition | Holland Area Arts Council | Holland, Michigan
2015 Massively Small | J Go Gallery | Park City, Utah
2015 Acoustic Abstractions | Water Street Gallery | Douglas, Michigan
2014 Michigan Arts All Media Exhibition | Holland Area Arts Council | Holland, Michigan
2014 Bettye Clark Canon Gallery | Invitational Exhibition | Muskegon, Michigan
2014 Take 10 New Artists Exhibition | Water Street Gallery | Douglas, Michigan
2013 ArtPrize | Women's City Club | Grand Rapids, Michigan


B.F.A. Fine Arts Iowa State University | Ames, Iowa
Royal College of Art | London, England