My work has centered on painting the human figure for most of my career.  In 2006 I began a series with the theme of the figure in motion.  That series began an evolution in my work that continues to the present.  In the process, the figure has receded in importance for me and the space in which the figure existed has become my subject matter.  The work I am doing now is based on this abstracted space and the energy that imbues it.  Figures and animals are sometimes a part of the imagery, inhabiting the space of the painting, adding context and a sense of scale.  I am currently creating a series of paintings entitled “Earth Cloud” which are derived from these ideas along with my observations of color, light, and form in nature.


“En Route”, Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2016  
Go Figure, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2015  
6 Pack-A Figurative Show, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI, 2014  
Summer Group Show, Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2014  
“Coastlines”, Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2013  
Garden Dance, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte NC, 2011  
14th International Open, Womanmade Gallery, Chicago IL ,2011
“Force of Nature”, Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2011
People Watching, Addington Gallery, Chicago IL, 2010
Spectrum 2009, Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga TN, 2009  
Making a Splash, Addington Gallery, Chicago IL, 2009  
Introduction, HIdel Brooks Gallery, Charlotte NC, 2009  
Counterpoint, Chicago Artist Month, Addington Gallery, Chicago IL,2009    



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1978 BFA, Washington University, St. Louis, MO