Merigian grew up in the environment of urban Detroit. In the midst of this he developed a passion for art, sculpture in particular. His work is centered on the human figure as a means to express internal and external realities and relationships. It often involves multiple figures, with the placement of the figures being choreographed in close connection to the site. In their simplicity, the figures are accessible. They present a depth of emotion ranging from highly reflective and soulful, to joy-filled and slightly humorous. Their complexity lies in the relationships that emerge with the space, lines, silhouettes, shadows and each other. As his large sculpture is intended for outdoor installation, the movement of the sun across the sculptures through the day is an integral part of creating constantly changing linear elements. Night lighting adds yet another level of variation. Finally, the element of snow in climates where it is present, further enhances the linear land geometrical aspects of the sculptures. Site specific sculptures are an important part of Merigian's work.


2014: Michigan Legacy Art Park Invitational, Crystal Mountain, MI
2013: Public Art Exhibition, Stamford, CT
2013: Art in Public Places, Knoxville, TN
2012: Sculpture Miami, Bayfront Park, Miami, FL
2012: Art on the Trailways, Greenwood, IN
2012: Cary Visual Art Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, NC
2012: Art by the River, Lansing, MI
2012: City of Valparaiso Outdoor Sculpture Show, Valparaiso, IN
2012: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, University of Toledo, OH
2012: Main Street Sculpture Show, Lancaster, OH
2012: Kochville Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Kochville, MI
2011: ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI
2011: The Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island, Hilton Head Island, SC
2011: Art in Public Places, Dogwood Arts Festival, Knoxville, TN