I have been a professional artist for about 40 years, working almost exclusively in wood, creating fine art furniture, sculptures & mobiles. This stainless steel is new for me & gives me the opportunity to create objects that can be used inside as well as outdoors. Serendipity played a large role in this whole journey with stainless steel: I was browsing through a metal recycling center one day & found a roll of stainless steel ribbon. I instantly knew where I wanted to begin & had confidence I would end up some place interesting. These mobiles & stabiles are where this journey has brought me so far.

These mobiles have been featured in the Art Prize competition in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan with 38 of them being suspended around the Fifth Third building. They have also been featured in Lansing, Michigan at the Sculptures in the Park competition and are a part of the permanent collections at the Michigan Dental Association in Okemos, Michigan and the Michigan Housing Collation in Lansing, Michigan.

The main inspiration for all my work over the years has been the great jazz artists of the 50s & 60s as well as such abstract artists of the mid twentieth century as Jean Miro, Henry Moore , Barbara Hepworth, David Smith, &, of course, Alexander Caulder.