The eclectic character of my work is grounded in my regard for authenticity. It's as much about the process as the subject-a collaboration of artist and medium. Hand building allows me the glorious freedom to arbitrarily work with the inherent nature of the clay. Paying attention to its suggestions, making decisions as I go gives me a unique experience with the making of each piece.

A deep connection with the natural world (instilled at an early age by my old world Italian grandfather) and the sensibilities of the abstract expressionist movement of the mid-20th century are strong influences of what I make and how I make it.

Hand building is only half of the making process, finishing pieces is another. I like to retain the tactile surfaces of natural stone by using texture, distressed finishes of mineral stains and oxides with random use of glazes. Mixed media (paint, oil pastels, fiber, metal...) may be added at whim after firing.

Using both processes subjectively, the visual qualities of being made by hand maintain the human connection between artist and viewer.


2016: Out of Hand with Matt Walcott, Toledo, OH
2014: Toledo Area Artists Exhibition
2014: Cool Yule Holiday Show, Toledo, OH
2013: Toledo Area Artists Exhibition
2012: Now/Wow Project National Exhibit
2011: 93rd Toledo Area Artists Exhibition - Toledo Potters Guild Award
2010: American Gallery, Vessels
2010: Sur St Clair Summer Show


BA University of Toledo, Toledo, OH