Since I can remember I have been fascinated by lines.  Perhaps because I believe a line is a metaphor for life.  We are spun out of the universe into this realm, and like a spider's knitting, our line tehters us to the living.  At our end, it quietly spins back to its origin.  So the lines I put down on the canvas are a continuation of the threads I sew together to make my way in this world.

I begin each painting by drawing simple lines.  Some are big, expansive expressions; others are quiet, little marks.  These become the underpinning of each painting.  Many times these lines become hidden under layers and layers of paint, but their energy remains integral to the painting.

My process is intuitive and I love to experiment.  There is a lot of "what if" in my studio practice - sometimes to tragic consequences - yet other times, to unpredictable little miracles.  That's what keeps me going into the studio; those little gifts from the gods.

My ultimate goal is to offer a beautiful abstract interpretation, in the form of visual poetry recognized by us all, as the place we fly around in our dreams.


2017  Beneath The Surface, The Art Center Highland Park


Cold Wax Medium by Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin
Eclat International, May 2016
Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling, North Light Books. Release date, September 2015
Incite; Dreams Realized; The Best Of Mixed Media, North LIght Books
Balance - Off Balance; Midwest Collage Society Zhou Brother Exhibit by Robin Monique Rios