Artist Statement:

From as early as I can remember I have found a special contentment being in nature. While growing up, my father would bring our family camping each summer to national parks and other beautiful spots across the US and Canada. I cherish my memories of those trips especially the times sitting by a campfire, warm and safe, in the mysterious stillness of the forest. Those moments have shaped who I am and influence my art today.

Much of the source material for my work comes from photos taken on hikes around the woods and shoreline near my home in Saugatuck Michigan. I record whatever captures my notice and I use these images or a composite of images as a reference for my paintings. I am drawn to shapes and the rhythm of shapes, color and light, and the scale and mood that I find in nature. While painting I am making decisions about the interconnection of shapes, the texture of the surface, the movement of the brush strokes and marks on the canvas. The patchwork of colors created by sunlight filtered through tree branches is ofparticular interest to me.

I have recently started painting urban scenes which are representative of my years living in Chicago. Like my landscapes, these paintings portray a quiet tranquility and introspection amid the hustle of the city.

As an artist, I explore and discover new ways to connect with the viewer a shared sense of the serenity whether it be found in a natural or urban setting.