Something Like That There!  
 A stone face, witty personality and playful, but often stoic demeanor inspires me to create him on canvas. Whimsical and intelligent is his humor, and knowledge is his bargain. A series of portraits that guide me, a journal of his colorful world that helps make sense of his complex personality. Laugh and enjoy laughing, explore and try to make sense of his reality. The figures are not resolved, but somehow complete. Abstracted figures and bold colours are elements of his mood, colours bring him forward and help tell his story.    

"I Love To Singa" series statement:  
A performer is what he is, his song is his story and the stage is where he finds his rhythm.  The red curtain never drops, he's a timeless performer and the lyrics are invitations that lead you into his world.  Sing and enjoy singing, laugh and let the sun shine through, let a smile be your umbrella and remember his melody.


2016  Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
2015  Detroit Artist Market, Art Placement, David Whitney Building
2015  Detroit Artist Market, We The Vehicles: A Tribute To Detroit Bike Culture
2015  Artworks Detroit Auction
2014  Artworks Detroit Auction
2014  Detroit Artist Market, If You Build It They Will Come 
2013  Detroit Artist Market Holiday Show