Art has been my chosen endeavor since my first drawing class at the age of seven. The process of creating has always taken me back to that first discovery. There are no right answers or wrong answers in art. The process involves techniques you learn through the years but always comes back to that fascination of expression and discovery. You play with line, form, movement, color, space and scale. This is my art work and may appeal to the viewers senses or not. Hopefully it will strike a spark in their imagination too.


Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Panama City, Panama
Walnut Creek, CA
ArtPrize 2012, Rand Rapids, MI


1965 BA Fine Art
1967 MA Sculpture
1971-1974 Director, Arts and Crafts, Pacific, Panama Canal, Panama
1975-1993 Director, Presidio Arts Center, San Francisco, CA