Tides and currents are for the most part continuous.  The sun and the moon continue on their ordained orbits sending influence to Earth’s large bodies of water.  No matter what the local weather or man’s puny contributions the tides and currents will continue and the sun will rise tomorrow.  Even if we can’t see through the obscuring fog the current will be there. 

My paintings investigate the ubiquitous patterns of light, shadow and reflection that we all experience daily, but that we rarely stop to notice. The works reflect a perceptual duality: a tangible, distinct moment and place when the source pattern is found, intertwined with the fleeting and ephemeral nature of time. As light and atmospheric conditions shift, my source patterns morph, move and change.

I am challenged to capture this relationship between the perceived and the barely sensed; the concrete world influenced by the inevitable transformation of time and spirit.


2016   Austin Fine Arts Fair, Austin, TX
2015  Skin in the Game, Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX
2015  Five X Seven, The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX
2014 Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX
2013 Smith Gallery, Houston, TX
2013 AMOA, The Contemporary Museum, Austin, TX
2012 Austin Art Connections, Austin TX
2011 Buchanan Gallery, Galveston, TX
2010 Live Oak Art Center Columbus, TX


American Art Collector, 2013
Studio Visit Magazine, Spring 2012
American Art Collector, 2011, Volume 7
Houston Lifestyle Magazine, May 2009
American Art Collector, 2009, Volume 5


BFA Painting, University of Houston
Glassel School of Art