Patina "paintings" are done on bronze plates, using abrasive discs, grinders and hot process patinas. Raised features are built up with a tungsten-inert-gas arc welder, and attached to plate with bronze pegs. Patinas are applied to the surface horizontally while revolving on a fire brick turntable with torch below and at the sides. Working in series creates a slowly accumulating momentum, wearing away the non-essential to reveal what is primitive and authentic to a personal and particular aesthetic.

Each Bronze wall tile is approached as a still life– a study in color, composition and texture. Each piece is a unique bronze construction: welded, machined and colored with a hot process patina. Antique and glass beads– clay spindle whorls from Ethiopia, Venetian glass, Dogon rings, copper hieshe, recycled glass from Bali and Ghana– are collected and used as found objects.


Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Symmetry Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY
Telluride Gallery, Telluride, CO
Bellevue Art Museum Gallery Shop, Bellevue, Washington
Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bennett Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee
Material Possessions, Chicago, Illinois
Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Sedoni Gallery, Huntington, New York
Visionmark, Baltimore, Maryland